About Us

Don't let just any self-claimed "housekeeper" in to your home. We are a legitimate, tax-paying business that strives to provide the best clean your property has ever had. We have more than 28 years of experience in this business. The time we spent in the cleaning industry helps us take the extra steps to ensure your satisfaction. An honest, Christian-based company, N-10-SE Cleaning in Killeen, Texas prioritizes your health as we clean your commercial or residential property. We use an exclusive line of all-natural chemicals, so we can protect your wellness while cleaning your home.

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In 1990, our owner's beloved grandmother was living in an apartment complex for elderly and disabled people. With her grandmother getting older, our owner stepped up and begun cleaning her grandmother's four-room apartment every week. Other residents would ask her grandmother, "who was that young lady that comes to clean for you every week?" From that point she was cleaning for more than half the complex and went on to clean other properties in Memphis, TN.

In 2014, our founder opened the company in Texas, and with an impressive resume of having cleaned $300,000 - $500,000 homes and been under contract with Piggly Wiggly offices, she got back to doing what she loved the most. N-10-SE is built of a team that is diligent with your space and trusted by home, apartment, office and commercial vehicle owners. Our security clearance on Fort Hood proves how clean our records are and we are honored to work with those in the base.

When someone has a clean place to live, their life seems to improve. They are happier, less stressed, and have a better quality of life. Whether it is an office, home, apartment, or recreational vehicle, we can make it dynamically clean. That is the way it was 28 years ago, and it holds true until today. Our service was built on trust, satisfaction, and faith, and we intend on keeping it that way for years to come.

Mission Statement

To provide you with a clean and healthy environment is the mission of our cleaning company. Through our cleaning services, we want you to have a space that's free of dirt and dust. It's not what we can do for you but what we can do Better for you.