We are now N-10-SE Cleaning & Pet Sitting

Going on vacation? Family emergency? Have to leave on short notice? Going to be gone for an extended period of time and need someone to check in on your pets? We understand that you can't take your pets with you everywhere, and you don't wish to leave them in a boarding facility! We help ease your stress, knowing that your pet will be at home in their safe, comfortable surroundings.

What We Do:

  • We will clean food and water bowls
  • Clean cage linings and litter boxes
  • Check for any accidents
  • Let your pet outside for fresh air and sunshine
  • Play with your pet for exercise
  • Keep a log of all activity and report to you

Weekends and weekdays available!

1-2 Pets
2 Visits per day - $25 per day
1 Visit $12.50

2-4 Pets
2 Visits per day - $35 per day
1 Visit $17.50

4+ Pets
2 visits per day - $40 per day
1 visit $20.00